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All the THINGS…

I have a little of my mom's artistic gene mixed with the inability-to-sit-still gene. That's what happens when you grow up moving towns every other year. I have a deep need to constantly try new things. Explore this great gorgeous world. If you've found your way to my site because of my books, I'd love for you to check out my other creative outlets. Maybe we share some common interests. Or maybe you just need a wedding photographer that loves to read and write. Regardless, hang out a bit and do some sight-seeing. 


This link will take you to my photography playground where words matter little to the pictures that play across the screen. I'm a great lover of art, especially fine art portraits. Feel free to fall in to my photography blog for a minute or ten and see what life is like on the other side of my lens. 

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This random, snarky, little blog was birthed years ago on an island in the pacific when blogging was as much a mystery to me as it is now. My attempts at online writing haven't improved over the years. Of course, this little pit stop on the web highway is littered with far too many mentions of fecal matter to ever be pulled down. No, I couldn't sacrifice a gem like this. Especially since it would deeply sadden the one loyal reader I've maintained over the years. Not gonna do that to you, Ma. So if you want to lose time and brain cells, feel free to swing on over to The Summerill Surf. 




A whole new, collaborative project with XXX. Coming Soon...